Our Mission

We commit. 

We commit to children: to imaginatively engage them in the process of acquiring a 2nd language and culture.

We commit to school superintendents, principals and staff: to assume full administrative responsibility for Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder programs.

We commit to parents: to assure a safe environment and an eagerness to communicate. 

We commit to offering high-quality, academically sound approaches to 2nd language acquisition & learning in-person and online. 

We commit to supporting cultural diversity, bilingualism and offering a safe, welcoming space for cultural immersion and language acquisition.


Our History

Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder are building on almost 30 years of successful experience delivering 2nd languages to children, in pre-school through 12th grade. Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder allow the opportunity to share academically sound approaches to 2nd language acquisition. 

Spanish Quest has been successfully sharing second language acquisition learning with children and families since 1992. Sister companies, Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder, our non for profit organization, enroll students in over forty elementary locations at eleven school districts. We take pride in academically sound approaches for learning languages. 

Since inception we have served thousands of students and we can't wait to support so many language learners in the future! 

Our Team

Spanish Ladder 501(c)(3) and Spanish Quest are minority-owned and women-owned small businesses.

Our team consists of native instructors and bilingual experts. We are passionate about language, culture, education and travel. We understand the importance of fostering global learning with students of all ages in our quality programs, so we design our curriculum and classes with you in mind.