We love partnering with local preschools and bringing language fun to young minds! To bring a Spanish Ladder program to your preschool, call us today at (630) 229-0422 or email SpanishLadder@comcast.net.


6-Week Online Spanish Pre-School Program (Open to ages 1-5)

Description: This class will be filled with loads of fun times and activities for your student(s)! A parent/mommy/daddy/guardian/grandparent, etc. is welcome to share a unique experience that helps increase mobility and independence, enhances social awareness, provides sensory stimulation, increases confidence, fosters language development, and encourages a healthy, inclusive lifestyle!

Featured Themes include: Sing-a-long with me; Silly clothing; Circle time fun; Animal fun; Story time; Let's move!; Teatime fun/Lemonade, anyone?; Little artist 

Option 1: Spanish on Tuesdays (Fall/Summertime TBC), 1x/week
  • Cost: To be confirmed.

    Option 2: Spanish on Tuesdays and Fridays (Fall/Summertime TBC), 2x/week
  • Cost: To be confirmed.

Refund policy: No refunds after the start of class.

Class Calendar: 

To be confirmed.

Online registration is available. Interested in a mail-in registration form or calling in your registration over the phone? Call our office directly at 630-229-0422.

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💬 For any registration questions or to complete registration via phone, our office can be reached at 

(630) 229-0422 or via email at Contact@SpanishLadder.org.

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