*Winter Session 1 Classes begins Nov.30 for online Spanish & Mandarin!

Registration is OPEN!*


 Please call our office to register - (630)229-0422. 

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Our Mission

We commit. 

We commit to children: to imaginatively engage them in the process of acquiring a 2nd language and culture.

We commit to school superintendents, principals and staff: to assume full administrative responsibility for Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder programs.

We commit to parents: to assure a safe environment and an eagerness to communicate. 

We commit to offering high-quality, academically sound approaches to 2nd language acquisition & learning in-person and online. 

We commit to supporting cultural diversity, bilingualism and offering a safe, welcoming space for cultural immersion and language acquisition.


Our History

Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder are building on almost 30 years of successful experience delivering 2nd languages to children, in pre-school through 12th grade. Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder allow the opportunity to share academically sound approaches to 2nd language acquisition. 

Spanish Quest has been successfully sharing second language acquisition learning with children and families since 1992. Sister companies, Spanish Quest and Spanish Ladder, our non for profit organization, enroll students in over forty elementary locations at eleven school districts. We take pride in academically sound approaches for learning languages. 

Since inception we have served thousands of students and we can't wait to support so many language learners in the future! 


COVID-19 Updates

Thank you for choosing Spanish Quest & Spanish Ladder. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, this is a very hard time for families, individuals, as well as small businesses and nonprofits like ours. We are adapting our programs and creating new ones to increase our online presence and expand our offerings to you! 

If you are interested in showing your support for Spanish Quest & Ladder and our mission, here are a few ways where you can help:

  1. Donate using the donate following link (made via PayPal or credit card)

  2. Like our Facebook page and share a review of your students experience!

  3. Share a review of your student’s positive experience on Yelp!

  4. Purchase a SQ/SL bag for your student’s language learning! Bags are on sale for $15 and $3 flat shipping rate. There are a limited number available (only 27 left!). If you are interested in this option, proceed to this link or call our office directly. Please call our office at (630) 229-0422 or email SpanishLadder@comcast.net to complete your purchase! Bags would be mailed out within 1 week of purchase. 

  5. A photo and description of the tote bag is attached and can also be found here on our website in the “Web Store” tab.

"Anyone can learn another language. The young mind is primed for second language learning and starting early is a great advantage."
-Dr. Chantal Dejean, MD, MPH, Executive Director