We specialize in bringing languages to children and students of all ages! Learning a new language for travel, for business, or for your new year's resolution?
Spanish Ladder can help you! We commit to your success in learning and acquiring a second language through our high-quality language programs.

Young minds are primed to learn another language!
Jumpstart your student's language journey TODAY in our in-person afterschool and online programs. 
If you are interested in private or small group lessons, contact us today! 

Now Hiring!!! 
Are you looking to work a few hours a week as a part-time language instructor? Spanish Ladder & Spanish Quest are hiring!
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We offer 2nd language classes for learners of all ages, organizations and corporations, as well as language services, including translations and IEP interpretations for school districts.

Our methods of teaching: dynamic retention approach & voice recognition, coupled with bilingual and cultural immersion, play-based learning, and fun! 

Through these we commit to successful language acquisition & learning for families, children, principals, parents, and the communities we serve.


Have an elementary-age learner?

Contact us today to request our quality language programs at your school! We specialize in online classes as well as at-lunch and after-school classes on-site at elementary schools partnering with school districts and principals. Our team is available for at-home and on-site private sessions and family lessons.

High school or college student learning a 2nd language?

We provide tutoring, test prep, and class support!

Looking for a Spanish-for-Educators or a Spanish Real Estate course? We can help!


"Anyone can learn another language. The young mind is primed for second language learning and starting early is a great advantage."
-Dr. Chantal Dejean, MD, MPH, Executive Director