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Welcome Spanish Student Ambassadors!

Nuestros Embajadores Estudiantiles

We are looking forward to another rewarding year! Our Spanish Ambassadors rise to the challenge of learning a 2nd language. Let's continue to share language, culture, and volunteer in the community.


What does it mean to be a Spanish Ladder Ambassador?

Spanish Ladder/Spanish Quest knows that curiosity brings learning, growth and enhances inclusion of diverse people and cultures. Our Ambassadors Program is based on the belief that the world is connected by language, culture, and its people. Through our program we wish to provide the exploration of the world around us! Our ambassadors are students who have demonstrated, love of learning, curiosity, and enjoyment of the Spanish language.


How do students become Spanish Ladder Ambassadors?

These students have been selected to participate based on continuously demonstrating courage in our classrooms. By giving students the opportunity to learn a second language and exploring different traditions and cultures, this helps break down different linguistical and other barriers that exist. Our program will allow our students to engage, learn, share, and explore the Spanish Language in a fun and supportive atmosphere with different activities, projects, and events in local communities.

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