Spanish Ladder Language Activities and Resources

Thank you again for choosing Spanish Quest & Spanish Ladder! We are so excited to share activities and resources with our families and students to continue to grow your language skills at-home and on the go. 

***These resources will be shared with members only starting in October 2020 when our fall classes begin.***


Spanish Activities

1) "Escuela" - Sopa de letras (Word Search) - © Spanish Ladder

2) International Easter Message (Multilingual Activity) - Source:
3) Vocabulario para abril (Vocabulary for April) - Source: Biligual Planet

4) Introducción al verbo "estar"© Spanish Ladder

5) Practicar con el verbo "estar", Parte Uno© Spanish Ladder

6) Practicar con el verbo "estar", Parte Dos -  © Spanish Ladder 

7) Lección de la comida (Practice  Listening, Speaking, Pronunication & Writing!) - © Spanish Ladder (Hecho por Señora Victoria)

8) Vocabulario Hoja de la comida© Spanish Ladder

9) Practice the Spanish Speaking Countries - Video y juego (*free game*!) - This game introduces us to 21 countries that speak Spanish around the world! Some resources confirm there are 20 total countries while other resources identify 22. 

Check back to this page for more additions in the future.

If there are any resources that you are looking for during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact our team directly at We would love to hear from you!


iCuentos con Spanish Ladder!  (Story Time with Spanish Ladder)

1) Conoce a Coco el gato. Meet Coco the Cat - El Cuento de Coco - Hecho por Señora Washor

2) Hansel y Gretel - Hecho por Señora Liliana

Recursos  (Resources)

1) Free Audible Stories for Children - Search for Spanish stories and more!

2) Fairy Tales in Spanish from Fable Cottage

3) Coming Soon! - Netflix Spanish Movies, Cartoons, and more for in Spanish, English, and even Mandarin Chinese! 


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