Parent, Family, and School Testimonials 

Parent evaluations, teacher workshops and classroom observations enhance our program and are always supported. We consider our relationship with our schools and the districts that we serve to be long-term and define our curriculum and implementation accordingly.


“Jack really enjoyed the class and asked me if he can extend classes another 6-8 weeks! He uses certain words in context to everyday life. Example: “Today is frío.” He really thought the teacher was so nice!” – Jack, Liberty


“Our child was so happy to go to Spanish!” – Mackenzie, Freedom 

“Carter loves the class and the instructor. This is his second year in the program!” - Maplebrook 

“Evey really enjoys Spanish! – Maplebrook

“My daughter has attended 2 yrs of Spanish & loves the class. I hope this class is extended!” – Parker, Eagle Pointe

“I feel taking this class at a young age will give a great advantage when taking Spanish in highschool. Thank you!” – Madalyn, Nelson Prairie

"Can Spanish Quest expand the number of weeks for next year’s program? The students love the program and want more sessions!" - Arnold Tyler, New Lenox

"Thank you for your work with Charlie!" - Lincoln, Glen Ellyn

"She seems to enjoy the class and is learning a lot!" - Scott, Naperville

"It’s been a good introduction to the Spanish language for her. She really enjoys the class!" - Mill, Naperville

"We love the teacher! She is so good with the kids." - Nelson Prairie, New Lenox

"Really enjoyed your class and looking forward to next year!" - Madison, Wheaton

"Loves learning, she loves the flash cards, saying the words. She thinks you are a perfect teacher!" - Private Session, Burr Ridge